Thinking About How Bring a Smile to someone? You’are in the right Place

SMIO Foundation is an extension hand of SMIO-SMC (U) LTD Company that owns SMIO Mall, SMIO Ads Agency, SMIO Health Services, Inc and SMIODate. SMIO Foundation is the Giving Hand of SMIO-SMC (U) LTD. Giving back to the Communities we do not do it alone, we do it with our Customers, Visitors of this Website with a good, Generous and Kind Heart like you reading this Message who would love be part of blessing a life Out there during our Annual outreaches to the Vulnerable communities in Africa – Uganda in Particular on the 25th-Of November Every Year (This is the Birthday of SMIO Founder Solomon Mpanga) and Whoever Who lives Giving a smile to Vulnerable Chosen Families Please Be part by Giving any Much You are Able to. Feel Blessed having a little from your blessings, could be regular or one time and give to the Vulnerable today using Our system, however small from as low as 100 UGX , to any much will bring a big Smile on a face of the Sad life out there. Our System Accommodates Most Payment Means, use the Widget Below if You are a Ugandan or if you can Access Mobile Money Services of MTN and Airtel. If you can not, Please Donate via Our GoFundMe Account HERE


Visit SMIO Foundation Official Website HERE

God Bless You So Much For Blessing Our Cause that Adds to Us All, on Behalf Of SMIO Team in the Charity Service and the Beneficiallies of 2022 Outreach that Will Happen In November , 25th SMIO Founder’s BirthDay We Thank you So Much.

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