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Stop Fooling Ugandans, You Pocketed M7’s 3.1 Billion In January – MP Nsereko Undresses Bobi Wine’s NUP…

Maverick Kampala Central Member of Parliament Muhammad Nsereko has told National Unity Platform (NUP) leaders to stop fooling Ugandans.

“In January 2022, the first cash released by the Ministry of Finance from the treasury in the January-March quarter was shared among Museveni’s NRM, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu (Bobi Wine)’s NUP, Patrick Amuriat’s FDC, Asuman Basalirwa’s JEEMA and Saddam Gayira’s PPP. Out of the Shs23bn, Museveni received Shs17bn, Bobi Wine pocket Shs 3.1bn , Amuriat Shs1.7bn, Nobert Mao’s Democratic Party and Jimmy Akena’s Uganda People’s Progress Party(UPC) were given Shs485m each, JEEMA and PPP were given Shs.53m each and no one even told Ugandans until the old man Museveni revealed it. But they have been moving around telling Ugandans that they are also suffering like them which is a lie,” Nsereko said.

Nsereko said NUP received this money through IPOD.

The legislator beseeched Ugandans to open their eyes widely and establish the truth concerning opposition politicians who are playing with their intelligence to enrich themselves and make them suffer more.

On Wednesday, Richard Todwong, the NRM Secretary General thanked president Museveni who is also the current chairperson of the IPOD, a coalition which brings together all political parties with legislators in parliament for accepting their cry to increase IPOD funding.

In the meeting at State House Nakasero which attended by secretary generals from UPC, DP, JEEMA and PPP, Museveni proposed the amendment of IPOD laws to prohibit giving money to political parties which don’t want to cooperate publicly with others in IPOD.

NUP and FDC are receiving IPOD money even though they refused to attend meetings where president Museveni is in attendance.

Nsereko branded such actions by the two political parties as double standards and a move to hoodwink Ugandans. He challenged them to refuse the money.

The Legislator also branded opposition politicians who feel big because they have been invited by international communities and given platforms to blast president Museveni’s government as stupid and hopeless.

“They feel big without knowing that those whites are just using them to negotiate with Museveni’s government and cut financial deals like that of oil which was given to Chinese, Americans and French companies,” Nsereko said.

He added, “They are not helping Ugandans but helping whites because they never wish good to African.”

Nsereko said this while appearing on Kabaka’s CBS radio.

He reminded Ugandans that during the signing of the 1900 agreement, the whites used Ugandan chiefs especially in Buganda to colonise the whole country by giving them land so that they can feel special and sell their country.

He wondered why a Ugandan opposition politician should run to an international platform blasting Museveni for not putting in place health facilities yet that same person is receiving billions of money from the same government, money that would have been used to put in place these facilities.

He mobilized Ugandans to revolt against the high fuel prices by packing their vehicles on the road in the morning hours so that the government officials who are using government fuel cards to fuel their cars will feel the bite of the high fuel prices.


When theGrapevine contacted Moses Bigirwa, NUP coordinator Busoga region, he rubbished Nsereko’s allegation insisting that the Shs3.1bn given to them is legal and they are supposed to receive it as a political party with members in parliament.

He schooled Nsereko that the money they received was not a donation that president Museveni gave them after selling his cattle.

He challenged him to also build capacity like Bobi Wine so that white people can invite him.

By Sengooba Alirabaki

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