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In our endeavors to make you part of us, and extend our relevance to you our clients, SMIO continues to create all possible avenues to have you rewarded. In addition to our many other client programs, including availing you investment opportunities and becoming our Online virtual sales paid persons, we bring you the SMIO reward program. Earn money from zero, no need to invest in any money.

In this, participant will earn SMIO wallet balance, worth buying products from smio, and real money, only when the participant has at least made one order or referred a customer to buy an item from SMIO store or referred a customer to Our web hosting company HERE.

Here all you need is to Download smio App from google play store HERE for iOS Click HERE

Or Click HERE , in all the three, all you need is to create an account with SMIO, you earn 10,000 UGX immediately, from which you start from. That balance you can use it for topup and buy any product from smio or work earn more till when you meet terms to withdraw it as real money. The minimum withdraw limit is 150,000 UGX, to your Bank account or Mobile money. This opportunity is for only none SMIO official workers. And one has to make sure they have ever bought an item from SMIO Mall, or have ever influenced a customer to BUY, before that, one can never have the reward money as Cash or even use it to Buy a Product from SMIO Mall.

Rewardable Tasks are,

1. Daily visiting of the Platform, www.smio.xyz and www.smiohost.com

2. Using your unique referral link in your account to refer other people, these may be possible customers to buy items from SMIO or use Our web hosting services on www.smiohost.com, this is the biggest source you can earn from.

3. When you influence your referral to download and Create an account on our SMIO MALL App, you earn even more on the same person, and when the person goes on and buys a product from SMIO you earn 10% commission of what the customer has bought. The latter makes you even withdraw your balances into cash as long as it is 150,000 UGX and above and you have ever made an order on SMIO Mall or influenced a client to Buy. Note: You can never withdraw Reward money before you have ever bought from SMIO Mall or Influenced a Customer to BUY.

4. Lastly, You can give good reviews to products on SMIO platform.

We hope you are grateful to be part of this program and it will change your life. From this you can start or enroll to our Resell Investment Program that has made many Financially independent Persons. You Only need to sit home as your money, little or much work for you. Read about OUR Resell Investment program HERE.

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