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Maca Deer Blood Ginseng Tablets Male Enhancement Cinsel Performans Testosterona Hombre,Sex Delay,Enhance Men’s Sexual Function


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Maca Deer Blood Ginseng Male Enhancement Cinsel Performans Testosterona Hombre,Sex delay,Enhance Men's Sexual Function

【Ingredients】Tomato powder, fructus lycii power, Microcrys-

talline cellulose, starch, xylitol, ginseng (artificial planting) extract,

【Usage】Take 2 tablets each time, no more than 3 times per

week , Take 2-8 hours in advance

【Not Suitable For】Not suitable for infants, pregnant women,

women in lactation, children under 14 years old, children, and people

who are allergy for edible fungal

【Specifications】 0.8 g / tablet * 6tablets / bag

【Expiration Date】24 months

【Production Date】See packing

How to use

ED (impotence) taking method: Take 2 tablets 2 times a week. Or take it 2 to 8 hours in advance when necessary.

How to take women with dysmenorrhea: Take 2 capsules the day before (or on the day) every menstrual cramp.

To maintain beauty: take 1 capsule every three days, two months as a course of treatment.

How to take BPH and prostatitis: Take 1 capsule every two days, one month as a course of treatment.

Improve sperm quantity and motility (improve sperm quality): take 1 capsule every two days, one month as a course of treatment

It will cause the pain in the corresponding part to increase. This is because the pain caused by the elimination of the old damaged tissue adhesion in the part. The pain will be reduced or disappeared in the second dose, and the patient is taking it.

To improve blood circulation (prevention of diabetic peripheral neuritis and diabetic foot): take 1 capsule every two days, one month as a course of treatment.


1). Avoid eating radishes (including carrots, white radishes and green radishes) and all kinds of seafood. One big qi supplement, one big down qi, just offset. So there is this taboo.

2). Avoid drinking tea.

3) Try not to drink alcohol

4). Do not take more, one or two capsules at a time is enough. If the amount exceeds the dosage, a very small number of people (physical problems) will cause slight headaches and other phenomena (no harm to the human body, only caused by excessive blood flow) . On the contrary, people with migraine headaches and old injuries in the past should take them according to the amount for a long time."

5). Poor stomach is usually caused by stomach deficiency and cold, and poor digestion of the stomach is more common. If eating ginseng is good for treating stomach deficiency and cold syndrome. Ginseng tastes sweet and slightly bitter, and has a mild temperature; Guixin, Pei, and Spleen Meridian. It has the effects of nourishing vitality, nourishing the spleen and lungs, promoting body fluids and quenching thirst, soothing the nerves and improving the mind. If the stomach is severely cold, it is recommended to take deer blood and ginseng extract tablets, which are warm in nature and can even more invigorate the temperature. It can nourish the spleen and stomach and is very helpful in treating stomach deficiency syndrome.

6). If you have severe stomach fire and wet spleen, use deer blood and ginseng essence tablets with caution. If you eat deer blood and ginseng essence tablets, it will promote fire and dampness.

7). If the "dizziness reaction" is more serious for the first time, you can take more boiled water. Halve the dosage and change it to after meals. When the symptoms disappear, the dosage can be restored.

8). People with mild stomach fire and wet spleen can take more boiled water. The dosage is halved and changed to after meals. Use with caution in severe cases.

In addition to the above effects, what other benign reactions may occur after taking it

After taking it, due to the wide opening of capillaries, the microcirculation speeds up, so people who are more sensitive to the product (allergic constitution) may feel like drinking a little alcohol (because alcohol can also speed up the microcirculation), that is, the head Swelling, dizziness, nausea, blushing, nasal congestion, etc., these reactions have individual differences, most people only have a slight sensation, or even feel it. Don't worry about these reactions, just like the reactions after drinking alcohol, they will subside quickly on their own, which is a "dizziness reaction" (i.e. improvement reaction).


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XS, S, M, L

Brand Name


Shelf Life

24 months

Usage And Dosage

take 3 tablets twice a day, orally


maca powder, ginseng extract

Product Specification

6 tablets



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