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Product name:fat shule

product specification: 63 g (0.7 g/piece x90)

Product attributes:tabletting candy origin:China’s anhui

provincelngredients: ginseng, five fingers wild peach, Gordon euryale seed, tuckahoe,lotus seed, hippophae rhamnoides, big jujube,Bergamot, chicken’s gizzard-membrane,orange peel, hawthorn, malt,yam,radish seed,mulberry,’s-tears,consumption ofglucose, maltodextrin

Unfavorable crowd: infants and young children, pregnant women, lactating women,diabetics, and children under the age of 14

Shelf Life:24 months

Storage method:sealed and stored in a cool, dry and dark place

Eating method and amount:2 times a day, each 3 tablets each time, chew


(1) is there any adverse effect,dependence or rebound?

There is no adverse effect of medicine food homology.

It is through enhancing gastrointestinal absorption Function to achievethe purpose of obesity,without any dependence and rebound

(2)How is the effect? Will it be fat to infinity?

90% of customers have different degrees of weight gain, pure herbalconditioning is from the source To solve the problem of thin people’sphysique and restore your proper weight will not exceed the standard

(3)I’m a little worried.It’s useless to buy many fattening products before

There are a lot of fattening products.If it’s just easy to absorb andpromote digestion, it doesn’t have much effect Of course,only byenhancing their own absorption ability can they really gain weight,which is exactly What are the advantages of our products

(4)Are you qualified? Is it genuine?

The food and drug administration shall record the products, andguarantee the genuine products if they are replaced





1Bottle, 2 Bottles, 3 Bottles, 6 Bottles

Brand Name





Slimming Cream



Model Number


Item Type

Weight Loss Creams


Ginseng, bergamot, Poria, jujube, hawthorn and other 18 flavors

Storage method

Cool and dry

How to eat

Chew or warm water


Improve physical fitness


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