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Anabolic Weight Gain Capsules – For Quick Muscle Mass Growth – Maximum strength


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The Ultimate Formula To Help You Gain More Weight, Mass and Muscle!
(60 capsules per bottle)
Here’s what it’s all about (the short version):
The Ultimate ‘Weight Gain’ Capsule for anyone looking to add serious muscle and size! Read on and discover how these three proven ingredients in one handy capsule can help.
Get Ready to EXPLODE In Mass and Size!
If you want to start packing on as much serious muscle as is humanly possible (legally!), then our ANABOLIC WEIGHT GAINER capsules are for you! You see, we’ve combined together THREE of the most powerful muscle-building anabolic growth agents known to man…all in one simple and easy-to-take pill – to help you add real muscle mass and SIZE!
The goal is simple: create anabolic growth to increase your MASS – quickly!
Who is this for?
Anyone looking to gain serious muscle, as quickly as is humanly possible!
Anyone looking to gain weight, size and genuine muscle mass!
Anyone looking to increase strength and power!
Here’s what we’ve done:
Firstly: we’ve added Creatine Ethyl Ester to this mix. This isn’t ordinary creatine – in short, it’s arguably the most absorbable, and QUICKEST acting creatine – that goes right INTO the damn muscle to start creating anabolic growth!
We’ve included a BIG dose here – so with each daily schedule, you get a whopping 1.6 GRAMs of Creatine Ethyl Ester!
Secondly: we’ve added high-grade 2:1:1 Branched-Chain-Amino-Acids. In case you don’t know: BCAAs are THE building blocks of muscular growth! These are the things that actually help build and grow muscle – safely (they are NOT steroids).
Often used by elite bodybuilders to ramp up anabolic growth – they are ALSO in each capsule. You get 1.6  grams per day!
Thirdly: Leucine – known by many pro’ bodybuilders as the ‘Anabolic Trigger’ – this is the most potent and yet legal supplement for triggering muscle growth. It’s one of the main components of whey protein, but in these tablets, we’ve extracted it down to its purest form and give you it in easy-take capsule form. This stuff will help you create anabolic muscle growth and help you add MASS – fast!
We’ve combined all THREE together into one WEIGHT GAINER pill!
These pills are super-easy to take, and are totally legal and safe.
Anyone can use these, but they must be used as part of a weight-training program.
Needless to say, they won’t work unless you use them alongside your training. You can’t expect to sit on the couch and grow muscle MASS.
But if you’re training already, these are an ideal addition to what you’re doing.
This is an ideal amount of time to feel the effects. You should then give things a break for a week or two, and of course you can resume again if you like the results you get – which we reckon you will!
We recommend taking four capsules, twice per day. Remember you must use these as part of your training regime, to INCREASE weight and muscle mass alongside your training. Each bottle is enough for a 12-day cycle.




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60 capsules


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1 Bottle – 10 bottles



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1 Bottle, 2 Bottle, 5 Bottle, 10 Bottle


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