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American Original Kirkland Super B-complex Vitamin,B-vitamin Complex Tablets,Supports Energy Metabolism Antioxidant


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Storage method: Keep away from light and seal
Food additives: None
Brand: KIRKLAND Signature/ Kirkland
Series: Family B
Origin: United States
Applicable gender: general
Product dosage form: Tablet specifications (tablets/bag/ml/g): 500 tablets
Price unit: bottle
Usage: 1 capsule daily
Applicable people: unlimited

The effect of each component of multivitamin b:

Many patients with vitamin B deficiency often choose vitamin B complex tablets to supplement their own vitamin B. The composition of vitamin B complex is not a vitamin. In addition to vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and other vitamin B types, vitamin B complex also contains niacinamide. , Calcium pantothenate, these non-vitamins.

The ingredients and effects of vitamin B complex tablets are as follows:

1. Vitamin B1:

Vitamin B1 can effectively regulate the body's sugar metabolism. In addition, vitamin B can also promote human gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote digestion and absorption of the human body. Therefore, patients with vitamin B1 deficiency will have symptoms of anorexia. It can also act on nerve tissue and relieve human fatigue. Therefore, vitamin B1 can be taken appropriately to relieve nervous tension and fatigue during motion sickness and seasickness.

2. Vitamin B2:

Vitamin B2 is an important coenzyme component required for tissue respiration. It is also one of the constituent components of blood vessel walls, human skin and mucous membranes. When the human body lacks vitamin B2, various symptoms such as peptic ulcers and bleeding will occur.

3. Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 mainly acts on the nervous tissue of the human body, which can prevent neurasthenia and memory loss. Modern studies have shown that, in addition to acting on the human nervous system, vitamin B6 also contributes to hematopoiesis.

4. Nicotinamide:

Nicotinamide is not a vitamin component, but the substance also plays a crucial role in human metabolism. It can regulate the body's lipid metabolism, and it can also maintain the normal respiration of tissue cells. Because niacinamide can prevent skin dryness, many cosmetic companies now add niacinamide to moisturizing products.

5. Calcium pantothenate:

Calcium pantothenate can also maintain the body's normal metabolism, and it plays a key role in the metabolism of some essential nutrients such as sugar, fat and protein.

The above are the main components of the B-complex vitamin tablet and the main functions and effects of each component.



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