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100% Natural Wild Organic Black Maca Root Herbal Dried Maca Max Strength Dried Maca China Sex Herbal Black Maca Powder


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Efficacy and effect
1. Anti-fatigue
Black Maca contains high levels of iron, protein, amino acids, zinc, taurine and other ingredients, which has anti-fatigue effects, and at the same time can enhance muscle endurance, resist exercise fatigue, and enhance the body’s disease resistance.
2. Improve sleep
Black Maca can effectively improve anxiety and neurasthenia caused by stress. It is a natural herbal medicine to eliminate anxiety, and it is also a good product for improving the symptoms of insomnia and dreaminess.
3. Enhance memory
Eating black maca can make people clear-headed, improve work efficiency, and have the effect of enhancing memory, making people clear-headed and thinking clearly.
4. Anti-virus, tumor
Black Maca contains tyrosol, polysaccharides, glucosinolates and benzyl isothiocyanate. Tyrosol has a protective effect on virus-infected cells. Glucosinolates and benzyl isothiocyanate have anti-cancer effects, and the effect is very significant. of.

How to eat:
1. Clean the black maca, wash off the dust on the surface, put it in a thermos cup and soak it with boiling water, take out the soaked black maca one hour later, chop it on the cutting board and place it in the thermos cup to continue soaking, and then you can Drink it.
2. Prepare 30g black maca and 10 red dates. Remove the pits of the red dates and wash them for later use. Put the pot on the fire, add an appropriate amount of water, boil over a high heat, add red dates and dried black maca slices, cover the pot and cook for 30 minutes.



Army Green, Light Yellow, Pink

Number of Pieces

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