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NOT MONEY: Here are the reasons why you don’t have a plot of land yet

Gone are the days when people attached having land to wealth or a good-paying job. Today, having a plot of land is a mixture of personal goals and the ability to make specific risks towards it.

You have seen people doing odd jobs being interviewed and they can comfortably say: “I have been able to acquire a piece of land for myself.”

This should be a wakeup call to all of us that one does not need to necessarily have so much money or a good job to acquire land. In fact, money is a smaller component, and these are the reasons why you do not have land yet.

You think you need a lot of money at once

A friend of mine last year managed to start his dream of acquiring an acre of land in Gayaza. He walked to the broker and said he needed to tour the land available and after seeing what he liked asked the broker if one is allowed to pay in instalments.

The answer was affirmative, he immediately made a deposit of Shs 5million. He has then continued to deposit whatever amount he comes across conveniently as we speak, he is in final stages to finish the architectural plan of his maiden bungalow on an acre of land!

All this was made possible by him making a commitment to acquire this land on an instalment basis.

Forget the nonsense that one must bring all the money in cash, you can start even with as low as Shs500,000 and take two years to pay BUT ensure you are dealing with a trustable estate dealer.

You underestimate your job

Everyone who has a source of income has the capacity to obtain their dreams, they may not be as similar as the others but they will be at a level where you are except under very dubious circumstances.

Understand your earnings, find a working formula, and look for that piece of land you can afford.

Get the estate’s dealer to give you a payment plan that suits you, and be as honest as possible. Do not say you can pay 1million a month when you do not even earn it.

Be clear with what you can afford if you earn Shs500,000, and after rent and other items you are left with about 150,000, that means you can not afford land of Shs40m.

Start with the land of 3millions and care not where it is located but you can start building on that with patience.

You have not tried

Sometimes we are held up because we have not yet started. You imagine that buying land is a hard thing because you have not even tried to buy 8 decimals of land.

Unlock your chances by starting, that is how you break your jinx and understand the trade better.

Have you heard of the saying that when you start boarding planes you do not stop? Yes, when you start buying land, you do not stop.

You are looking for land that looks where your rental is

You rent in Naalya, Najjera, and you imagine that the land you want should be more or so like that.

The land should be located near the road, with a supermarket in walkable distance, a school not far away, tarmacked, a gym across, a swimming pool not far away and big shopping mall and night club.

Alas, where you currently stay is expensive already, you will have to cough so much money to buy the land the size of your palm.

Remember, even your landlord bought that land when you were either still in your village or still in school, and they will tell you there was nothing.

Every place simply develops, Buwate was a village and land was Shs5m, now you need Shs70m. Kira was a bush, Namugongo was regarded as a remote area and land was Shs3m, Nsasa, Bulindo, Bukerere, Sonde were serious villages and land was almost free, try buying land there now.

Neighbourhoods are built by people, take the first step and buy that plot of land; you will be shocked in a few years when you are surrounded by three banks.

Stop following your peers

Leave your peers and their decisions, you are your own person. It is not written anywhere that we must build in the same place if we are friends, it is not written anywhere that we must grow at the same level.

If your peers are buying in Gayaza or Kiwenda and you cannot afford the land there, feel free to buy in Busiika, you will still meet. Follow your pocket, not other people.

You do not need a loan, if you need one then there is no problem

Not everyone acquires a loan to get land, and even if you acquire a loan for the same, it is not bad. Choose to take a salary loan so you are safer.

Most importantly, speak to your company’s loan officers and have a better idea of the repayment period.

Today, many banks have promotions for those who want to buy land, walk into your bank and put them to the task.

You are a bad spender

Let us use an example of a man who drinks beer and whiskey from a high-end bar, rents a house around Namugongo, and has about three girlfriends.

By behaviour, such a person will spend at least Shs20,000 when alone and about Shs50,000 when he meets one of the girls at the very least.

In three days, he can deposit an instalment on a Shs7million land!

Review your expenditure alongside land prices, you will realise that some of you have bought a plot of land in a few lodge visits or wasted an acre on transport money.

You are thinking about visitors

Many of you are still considering how Regina will come to visit you in Kiwanda. She stays in Seguku and your imagination is that once you buy land in Kiwanda, she will never visit.

Let me say this quietly: “Regina would be happy to come to Kiwanda, find your house with cool air and spend the night”

Visitors are not primary when you are considering buying land. Someone who wants to see you will come, even if you stay on an island.

You want to inherit

Please wake up, you will be shocked when you are not the heir.

You don’t want to ask question

No broker will beat you for asking for land prices and a site visit. Take a walk, enter a dealer’s office and request to see land and prices.

Sometimes the person within us needs to get shocked by our bold moves so that he gets inspired and works towards achieving.

You do not want to leave Kampala

You are looking for a plot of land where you will easily jump into a taxi to town, a plot where the transport is less than Shs2k to Kampala, a plot where you can still keep running back to javas easily.

Kampala should not be the basis for your land choice, you could buy a car! Besides, the country is developing, soon KFC will be in Kira!

Today, go and look for a group on Facebook called Fabulous and Beautiful Homes on Facebook, they have a land saving scheme.

They also have so much expert advice on many things around housing, and land acquisition, you will not remain the same.

Credit: Nile Post

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