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Man In Seeta-Mukono Gets Stuck Inside a Woman In a Lodge, Drama Unfolds

At around 4pm at Breaz motel in Ntinda zone, Seeta ward Goma Division, Ababa John Bosco, a 40 year old Munyankole by tribe and resident of Kasubi got stuck inside Arinaitwe Rebecca, 35 years while chewing eachother in a lodge.

According to DailyExpress, Its alleged that on Monday at around 3 pm, the two arrived at Breaz Motel Lodge to go about their casual fun and when they began the exercise, only to learn that they were stuck and a woman was down while the man was on top.

Police findings further revealed that the two have been in a love affair for over 7 years which prompted Rebecca’s husband to seek the services of a traditional healer to get the two caught and exposed after serving several warnings but in vain.

The scene was visited by Mukono DPC Sp Nyiramaholo A and said a case file had been opened up on the incident on SD ref 76/25/10/2021 as inquiries in the alleged witchcraft continue.The victims were interviewed, photographed & particulars put on record, and at around, the healer only identified as Nalongo brought some herbs and administered to them to get them separated from each other.

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0 thoughts on “Man In Seeta-Mukono Gets Stuck Inside a Woman In a Lodge, Drama Unfolds

  1. I yhink in the most sense of it people must get satisfied with what they have and where once is not satisfied why not seat with his or her partner en see how to go about it
    The witchcraft law in Uganda is not in force , see him people’s dignity is devalued

    Self-respect is always key and a desirous heart to test everything and of need to discover and or want to be like other due to peer isuch likely to cause more cases of moral decay
    We’ve distanced ourselves from the guidelines of the bible however much we’ve negated faith en belief in religion. This is more because of the rapid growth of false prophets and those who would be religious leaders doing whats contrary to what’s expected out of them

    For God and My country in i lovr you UGA

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