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Lwasa Sent Side Hen Dianah Nabatanzi To Dubai A Week Before Kwanjula Ceremony With Angel

A bonk champ will always be a bonk champ! Latest and exclusive info coming through confirms that Emmanuel Lwasa sent side hen Dianah Nabatanzi to Dubai a week before his favorite Angel introduced him to her parents. Interesting right?

Lwasa sent Dianah way a week before Kwanjula

Well, y’all know that over the weekend Lwasa had a pompous Kwanjula ceremony. His stunning bae, Angel’s parents officially blessed their romp sessions to go and make babies. In appreciation, Lwasa gifted his Angel a brand new ride, a Mark X!

But do you know that perhaps the Kwanjula could have never happened if Dianah Nabatanzi was in the country? From what we have gathered, Lwasa used his Zzina tactics, convinced the multi-talented BBS TV presenter and bankrolled her trip to Dubai so he could successfully his Kwanjula go on peacefully.

According to sources, Lwasa made sure that he makes her happy at all costs. And since Dianah had mysteriously lost her voice, the bonk champ also convinced her how there was a need for her to go for specialized check and treatment while in Dubai.

Dianah not happy with Lwasa

Sources say she is recovering but what bothers her most is the fact that Lwasa didn’t value her sweetness.

“…Yes he sent her to Dubai for a short vacation and also paid for medication. Naye Dianah is too disappointed in the Lwasa for playing her dirty games. They might never see face to face because that babe hates games. Tayagala mulabisa”, a source tips us.

Emmanuel Lwasa is not your cup of tea in a ‘bedminton’ game. He has been in the recent past linked to babes like Precious Remmie, Desire Luzinda, Zahara Totto, Juliana Kanyomozi and many others.

However, most of them come out and rubbish the rumor after chewing his dime. Apparently, the business mogul has been involved in countless Kwanjula ceremonies before with different women.

Lwasa Dianah Nabatanzi…

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