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Keep wet. Shave. Be clean. A fool’s guide to having more rounds of sex

There are people who have never experienced more than one round of sex. They do not know that a person can cum and still crave for more.

That someone can lay them more than four times and still want two more in the morning. It happens.

Someone will keep getting hard or wet just to have you one more time. You can only crave something sweet, something moist, and something different from what you are used to.

If a woman is clean, well-shaven has well-washed walls, and has an amazing scent, they will get more than one round. They will have more time for foreplay. Strawberry steamed choochkie will keep a man wanting to eat her in every sense of the word.

Water is a must-have. No one is visiting a desert twice, and no one wants to be nursing wounds when they are supposed to be in heaven.

So have you some water, baby girl. Gushing it out will earn you another round.

A woman’s choochkie must be moist at every given time. And then it must be extremely wet when touched right. Your lover must make sure you get wet enough for them, and squirting depends on how good they can stroke it.

Keep that choochkie tight. Every man will tell you how heavenly that grip feels. You must learn how to kegel when he is inside you. Nothing beats that feeling.

As a man, how clean are you? How much hair are you keeping in places that should be shaved clean? I hate that some men think that shaving is a female thing.

Have all the hair around tyres off. Some people love sucking on them. And you will love the experience. So, if you want to go for more than one round, take care of the playground.

A clean man will get more. A man who smells like heaven will get angels to sing for him – the whole package matters.

Clean nipples matter. No one is sucking on salty nipples. If the nipples are not clean, there is no way the lower parts are clean. If you need to have a quick shower after every round, do that.

Your game will also earn you an extra round. How you wiggle that waist, how you moan for them. How you call their name. The language you speak. Every detail of the first round will determine if you will go again, so bring your A-game.

If you can have at least three sex styles in a round, you will have someone wanting to know what else you can bring to the table.

Try to explore her walls in ways she has never known. It is not one big hole in there. There are several walls, try and explore all of them.

Nothing will ever relax a human body like good sex. If you want a happy female gender, satisfy them sexually. If you want a focused man, make sure he has cum enough times.

Till next time, you deserve more than one round.

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