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BREAKDOWN OF COSTS INVOLVED IN PLANTING ONE ACRE OF BANANA PLANTATION1. Clearing land; Labour = sh 300,0002. Digging 500 holes 3ft × 3ft with 9ft × 9ft spacing; each at sh 400 (sh 400 × 500 holes) = sh 200,0003. Suckers; each at 2000 (suckers 2,000 × 500 holes) = sh 1,000,0004. Manure (Dry Cow Dung); 8 Elfs each at sh 90,000 (sh 90,000 × 8 Elfs) = sh 720,0005. Planting (including filling in 1 basin of manure); each at sh 300 (sh 300 × 500 holes) = sh 150,0006. Miscellaneous; sh 100,0007. Taking care of your plants as they grow up. Young plants will require 0.1–0.2kg of manure each month. Mulch, irrigate, use pesticides etc to give a healthy growth for your plantations.——————— TOTAL COST: Ugsh 2,470,000You will realize magnificent results in just 12 months and profitable harvests in 15-18 months.Good Luck….

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