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I ran away from Uganda for security reasons because I love licking other women’s beans – Julie Mutesasira

n 2017, Canada-based and renowned gospel singer Julie divorced her ex-husband and father of her two children, Pastor Steven Mutesasira, and left Uganda after she was accused of sleeping around with different men.

She would later travel to Canada where she is currently staying with her new lover for reasons she has just disclosed now, five years after traveling.

In 2020, Ugandans were shocked by Julie’s changed lifestyle after social media was flooded with photos of her wedding to a fellow woman and this was followed by many other photos of the couple leaving a number of Ugandans in shock.

Julie Mutesasira Assures Haters That She Still Enjoys Eating Fellow Woman's Beans.

However, while with her two children at Canada’s Got Talent, where they auditioned for the third season, Julie Mutesasira confirmed that she is gay and that is a reason why she left Uganda. “I decided to leave Uganda because I came out, because of my security. Being a gay woman in Uganda and married to a pastor, that’s an abomination,” Julie said in front of her kids.

This has left very many Ugandans in shock and disbelief because being gay in our traditional setting is abnormal and more of an abomination.

What do you think about her confession? We shall keep you updated

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