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    Catherine Nagawa of NBS TV speaks out about a leaked recording being dumped.

    Catherine Nagawa of NBS TV speaks out about a leaked bedroom video of a woman identified as NBS Television’s Catherine Nagawa has gone viral on social media, with many applauding her skills.

    The video was leaked on Monday evening, and the dancer has now spoken out to refute the claims that she is the woman having a fantastic time.

    nagawa-twitter Nagawa has claimed that someone is impersonating her and spreading false claims through her Twitter account.

    Since the lockdown, a slew of sex films have surfaced on social media. Kitende’s video, Lwasa Emmanuel’s, John Blaq’s, Kireka Sex Party, a number of others from MUBS, Diana Nabatanzi’s, and others have all been viewed. Ugandans have attributed some of the craziness to boredom brought on by the Covid-19 shutdown.

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