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Bonk champ, Lwasa puts young city babes, who want free things on high alert as he declares his intentions to harvest one in Kampala

Showy tycoon and renowned bonk champ, Emmanuel Lwasa, has finally declared his intention to harvest a Kampala-based woman, following his failed relationship with Angel Kwankunda.

Lwasa and Angel bitterly broke up last month after only one of bonking. Angel had introduced him to her parents but couldn’t save their love story… and now Lwasa is officially on the market, searching for a succulent babe cribbing Kampala.

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Speaking during an interview with Faridah Nakazibwe of Mwasuze Mutya show on NTV, Lwasa opened up that much as he has a wife in Masaka, he is searching for a city born, to replace Angel, who has been on rampage lately to expose his weakness.

“Angel has been saying a lot of things about me just to annoy me. I entertained the things she liked like the Tiktok videos she made. I never pressured her to cook for me. I had workers and children to do that… Anyway, I have a lady in Masaka and I am searching for another in Kampala. I want a young lady who is dark skinned. Dark skinned ladies have manners,” he said, putting city babes who want free things on high alert.

In the same interview, who is the proprietor of Trans Equator Miners Limited and Trade Panel International Limited, both companies involved in the trade of gold, and also owning several other businesses, including a popular bar in Masaka City, Tavern Kick, said he really doesn’t know how he got rich.

“I don’t understand how I got rich. After leaving the army, I got into car repairs. I had ideas while in the army, and I was waiting for the time I would be allowed to retire to implement them,” he noted

The 56-year-old business mogul describes himself as a “self-made tycoon from scratch” and a life stylist.

Recently, the tycoon was arrested over the forgery of documents related to gold mining. However, he was later released.

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