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Top Google searches related to health in 2022

COVID-19 symptoms, vaccines and side effects dominated Google Search trends related to health in 2022. 

Google released its annual Year in Search 2022 report Dec. 8. For the report, Google analyzed search history to determine the queries that were trending most in the U.S. in 2022. The report is broken into several categories, including health, science, finance, arts and entertainment. 

Here are the 25 top queries related to health from Google’s Year in Search 2022 report: 

1. CVS COVID vaccine 

2. COVID vaccine near me 

3. Walgreens COVID vaccine 

4. CVS vaccine 

5. Delta variant symptoms 

6. Johnson and Johnson vaccine 

7. Rite Aid COVID vaccine 

8. Walmart COVID vaccine 

9. Publix COVID vaccine 

10. Pfizer vaccine 

11. COVID vaccine side effects 

12. Side effects of COVID vaccine 

13. Kroger COVID vaccine 

14. COVID vaccine 

15. Symptoms of delta variant 

16. Walgreens COVID vaccine appointment 

17. CVS pharmacy COVID vaccine 

18. Side effects of Moderna vaccine 

19. Moderna vaccine 

20. Johnson and Johnson 

21. GME 

22. Retro bowl 

23. Moderna 

24. At home COVID test 

25. Monoclonal antibodies 

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