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Trosyd 5 ML 28% Nail Solution 3pcs Superficial Treatment of Nail Infections Caused by Fungi and Bacteria 3 Pack


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What is DERMO-TROSYD and what is it used for?

DERMO-TROSYD is a nail solution, it contains the active substance thioconazole. It is presented in 5 mL bottles with a brush on the inside of the cap. There is a pale yellow to yellow color inside the bottle as a liquid with a unique odor and without any visible foreign matter.

DERMO-TROSYD belongs to the group which is effective against fungal diseases.

DERMO-TROSYD is used in adults and children to treat skin infections with susceptible fungi and to treat conditions in which sensitive gram-positive bacteria are added.

Infections such as fungal infection of the feet (tinea pedis), fungal infection of the trunk, arms, legs and groin (tinea kruris / korporis), skin fungus (tinea versicolor) and nail fungus (tinea unguium) respond well to DERMO-TROSYD treatment.

DERMO-TROSYD should not be used during pregnancy since nail infections require long-term treatment.

2. How to use DERMO-TROSYD?

Instructions for proper use and dose / frequency of administration

DERMO-TROSYD 28% nail solution should be applied twice a day to the infected nail and nail fold around the nail with the brush applied on the inside of the cap. The duration of treatment required for nail infection is up to 6 months, but can be extended up to 12 months.

Depending on the type of the organism causing the infection and the location of the infection, the duration of treatment required for recovery varies from patient to patient.

DERMO-TROSYD 28% nail solution is not used ophthalmicly (eye application).

Application path and method

It is applied locally (topically).

• Apply the nail solution in a thin layer with the help of the brush, covering the entire affected nail (nails) and the surrounding skin. Apply the solution every 12 hours.

• Allow the solution to dry for 10-15 minutes after application.

• When the solution dries, it does not harden. A transparent, slightly oily film remains on the nail.

This film contains antifungal agent effective against fungal diseases; It passes slowly through the nail and reaches the infection site.

• The film should not deteriorate as long as possible. This ensures that the antifungal agent effective against fungal diseases has the maximum effect.

• Try not to immerse your hands (or toenails if your toenails are affected) immediately after applying the solution in soapy water. Removes soap or detergent film. It does not remove water film alone.

• If you need to wash something by hand, wear plastic gloves.

If you forgot to use DERMO-TROSYD

Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose.




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