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Hametan 25% 30 Gr. + Madecassol 1% 40 Gr. + Bepanthol Protective Care 30 Gr. – 120 Day Supply – 12 x Multipack


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Combined with Effective Variety of Creams, Anti Wrinkle, Skin Burns and Sunburn, Skin Scratches and Cuts, Nipple Cracks for long term use.

Package Includes:

12 Tube – Hametan 25% 30 Gr. 
12 Tube – Madecassol 1% 40 Gr. 
12 Tube – Bepanthol Protective Care 30 Gr.

If your symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

Hametan Cream 30 GR – Effective in the Treatment of Baby Rash, Skin Burns and Sunburn, Skin Scratches and Cuts, Nipple Cracks:
Active ingredient:
Witch hazel virginia (potency 12mg / 100g) 5.35 g / 100 g Excipients:
Cetyl alcohol 5.00 g / 100 g Sorbic acid 0.15 g / 100 g
For excipients, see 6.1.
It is a white, homogeneous and smooth cream. 4. CLINICAL FEATURES
4.1. Therapeutic indications HAMETAN;
– In the diaper rash of infants and young children
– 1st and 2nd degree burns / sun burns
– In superficial skin lesions such as scratches and cuts
– In the care and protection of nipple cracks in nursing mothers
– Used for the care and protection of dried, cracked, split skin [including the skin of older people].
4.2. Posology and method of application
Posology / application frequency and duration:
HAMET that; It is applied to the lesioned area several times a day. There is no time limit for HAMETAN use. Method of Application:
HAMETAN is applied in a thin layer to the lesioned area of ​​the skin.
If necessary, the lesioned area can be covered with gauze after application to the skin.
HAMETAN is applied to the nipples in the care of the nipples in nursing mothers after each breastfeeding.
Additional information on special populations: Kidney / Liver failure: Not reported. Pediatric population: Not reported. Geriatric population: Not reported.
4.3. contraindications
HAMETAN has no known contraindications.
However, as a general precaution, it should not be used in people who are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients in its composition.
4.4. Special use warnings and precautions
HAMETAN should not be in contact with the eyes. In case of contact with the eyes, it is recommended to wash the eyes with plenty of water.
If existing complaints persist or increase in the patient, a doctor should be consulted.
Due to its cetyl alcohol and sorbic acid content, it may cause local skin reactions (eg contact dermatitis).
4.5. Interactions with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction
No interaction has been reported.
4.6. Pregnancy and lactation
General advice
Pregnancy category has not been reported.
Women with childbearing potential / Contraception (Contraception)
Not applicable.
Gestation period
Clinical data on exposure to Hamamelis virginiana during pregnancy are not available.
Studies on animals do not show direct or indirect harmful effects related to fetal development.
Caution should be exercised when giving to pregnant women.
Lactation period
It is not known whether Hamamelis virginiana is excreted in human milk. The excretion of Hamamelis virginiana with milk has not been studied in animals. When deciding whether to stop breastfeeding or to stop HAMETAN treatment, the benefit of breastfeeding for the child and the benefit of HAMETAN treatment for the nursing mother should be taken into consideration.
Reproductive ability / Fertility
Not applicable.
4.7. Effects on the ability to drive and use machines
No effect of HAMETAN on vehicle and machine use has been reported.
8.4. Undesirable effects
There are no side effects reported to date.
4.9. Overdose and treatment
Not applicable.
5.1. Pharmacodynamic properties
Pharmacotherapeutic Group: Other Dermatologicals ATC Code: D11AX
Hamamelis virginiana aqueous distillate in the composition of HAMETAN;
has local hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effects.
With an astringent effect; Following skin injuries, it provides tissue collapsing and thickener effect by providing proteins to collapse in the area in question.
With its local hemostatic effect; Following the skin injuries, it shortens the bleeding time in the area in question, and speeds up the coagulation process.
With its anti-inflammatory effect; relieves inflammation symptoms and signs on the skin.
5.2. Pharmacokinetic properties General properties
HAMETAN is an oil-in-water emulsion [containing 12% oil].
Thanks to the liposomes in its content; It has been reported that absorption by the skin is facilitated and reduces transepidermal moisture loss.
There is no information that it has a systemic effect.
Not applicable. Biotransformation: Not reported.
Not applicable.
5.3. Preclinical safety data Not reported.
6. PHARMACEUTICAL FEATURES 6.1. List of excipients
Stearic acid
Cetyl alcohol
Polyoxyethylene-5-glycerin stearate (Arlatone 983 S) 85% Glycerol (glycerin)
Liquid paraffin (vaseline liquid)
Isopropyl myristate
Sorbic acid
Phosal 50 SA
Oxynex LM – Merck AG (Oksineks LM) Disodium edetate (EDTA disodium)
N-Sodium hydroxide solution (sodium hydroxide) Pure water
6.2. Incompatibilities
Not applicable.
6.3. Shelf life
24 months.
6.4. Special precautions for storage
Should be stored at room temperatures below 250C.
Madecassol Cream 1% 40 GR – Used in Treatment of Scar Injury, Burn, Acne, Wrinkle:
Product Description                                                                                                                                                                      
Topical, supplementary treatment for skin ulcers.
How to Use
Apply to the affected area once or twice per day.
Per 100 g:
Hydrocotyle* (reconstituted dry extract, containing 40% asiaticoside and 60% madecassic and asiatic acids): 1 g
*specifically Centella asiatica
Ethylene glycol palmitostearate (mono- and di-esters), propylene glycol, liquid paraffin, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil, purified water
Precautions for Use
– Do not apply to eyes.
– Do not apply to skin lesions susceptible to maceration.
– Contains terpene derivative excipients. May lower epileptogenic threshold.
– Excessive dose may cause convulsions or similar neurological disorders in babies and children.
– Follow the instructions for use carefully and do not exceed the stated dose.
– Do not apply to large areas of skin.
– Do not apply to the breasts if breast-feeding.
Do NOT use:
– if you are allergic to any of this medicine's ingredients;
– on super-infected wounds (lesions attacked by more than one infection); or
– on children with a history of seizure (febrile or non-febrile) – this medicine contains terpene derivative excipients.
If you are pregnant or breast-feeding:
– Use while breast-feeding is not recommended due to:
–– the lack of kinetic data regarding the passing of terpene derivatives into breast milk; and
–– the potential neurological toxicity of terpene derivatives if ingested by babies.
Possible Adverse Effects
– Increased sensitivity of skin.
– Due to presence of terpene derivative excipients; or as a result of excessive dose:
–– risk of seizures in babies and children; and
–– restlessness and confusion in elderly people.
Shelf Life

3 years


Bepanthol Protective Care Ointment 30g/1oz – for the care of very dry skin areas:
Over time, certain skin areas such as knees, heels and elbows may wear out due to external factors. Especially in these regions, the water content of the skin decreases, and the moisture content in these areas falls below the normal moisture content of the skin, within the range of 10-20%. These areas need to be intensely moistened to restore the moisture lost from the skin. Bepanthol Protective Care Ointment provides intense moistening with its soft and concentrated texture and prevents moisture loss.






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All Skin Types



Country/Region of Manufacture

United States


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