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BETNOVATE cream 30g-0.1 betametazon body redness, swelling, inflammation, Itching anti-, healing


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The drug Active AgentBetametazon”.BETNOVATE Cream, Body redness, swelling and inflammation by reducing the effects of chemicals of medicine. Itching anti, healing and blood vessels astringent effect.Better, Skin itching, rash and redness navigating along with some inflammatory conditions; chronic inflammatory disease (atopic eczema); metal money or disc-shaped inflamed wounds characterized by inflammation of the skin (numuler eczema); leather oil skin disease (seseik dermatitis), radyasya connected or in the sun without the consisting of due to inflammation of the skin; perspiration method; Outdoor eco coating is formed leather plated (contact dermatitis); Lichen, continuous itch depending on developing eczema (neurodermatitis); hair on the head skin and other areas of dry and itchy fluffy ear together thick pearlescent color, large pullanmalar -kepeklenmeler) Widely plaklarla navigating types; Due to aging kaşıntılar; Insect ısırmalarına induced reactions, prickly heat, Hives skin like rahatsızlıklarında seen inflammation and is used for the removal of itching.


  1. İİın active article against a if you are allergic to it i. i not recommended that you use.
  2. Better, Skin rahatsızlıklarında inflammation, itching, rash and used for relief of symptoms such as redness.
  3. Do not use in consulting doctor. Kids i. ‘S possible side effects is more sensitive.
  4. Children 5 days long time should not be used.
  5. BetterFor next-to-long term treatment or forehead, eye and eye around do not use.
  6. Do not use without consulting your doctor parts of body slim and curled.
  7. Tuberculosis, flower, chicken pox and caused by viruses from together with other leather and swelling or around the mouth itching, rash, or bottom door, varislerden wounds from If; Thanks.
  8. Rose disease (rozase) treatment and acne (akne vulgaris) is not used to treat.
  9. Do not use around the anus and genital kaşıntılarda in your area.
  10. You liver yetmezliğiniz or immunity in your system bozukluk or diaper region need to use; Please consult before use.
  11. Mushroom and virüsten occurring skin infections do not treat.
  12. Cream practicing does not improve belirtilerinizde in a few days or worsen urgently consult doctor.
  13. BetterAfter starting to use the mushroom, bacteria or virus infection symptoms observed immediately tell your doctor. Under the guidance of doctors to drug treatment suitable başlamalısınız.
  14. Cream apply skin zone close, comfortable and baggy clothes wear.
  15. During the treatment, skin irritation caused, which may be hard soaps, hard şampsablar, hair dye, hair removers and alcoholic skin products avoid using.
  16. • 1 the age of children should not be used.
  17. Do not use without consulting your doctor in times of pregnancy and breastfeeding.


  1. Your doctor can prescribe how iiı ettiyse he somehow kullanmanız. During the treatment period do not necessarily follow the doctor’s direktiflerine restrictly. Improper use and instruction non-applications sey of disease. Negative influences, damage your health.
  2. Cream apply in a thin film of the area to be treated and light hareketlerle sürünüz. İİı apply skin region definitely close, comfortable and baggy clothes wear.
  3. Morning and evening to be a 2 times apply.
  4. Better4 week long time should not be used.

Place of abdomen, breathable the hassle of almada, hives, percent, lips, dilde and throat swelling urgently in a situation such as your doctor.

  1. Skin itching, burning common side effects


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