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990000 Flashes Ipl Laser Hair Remover Laser Epilator for Women Men Painless Permanent Ipl Hair Removal Device Photoepilator


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Laser Epilator Painless Flashes 990000 IPL Hair Removal Women Facial Body Permanent Hair Remover Device Electric Laser Epilator

【Safe & Painless】
The laser hair removal is used for both women and men. With advanced IPL laser hair removal technology, the IPL hair removal device can achieve hair removal in 8-12 weeks more gently and get flawless skin.During this process, your skin will only feel a little bit of heat and will not leave any traces on the skin. The light will only affect the hair follicles and will not harm your skin.The IPL permanent laser hair removal system is the best choice for removing extra body hair.
【Easy to use & Effective 】
The permanent laser hair removal for women and men is easy to use(Refer to the 6th picture for the specific process).Using our IPL hair removal is painless and safe.
【Money Saving& Super Long Life】
Laser hair removal Upgraded to 990000 flashes. IPL hair removal system is equipped with a liquid crystal display to clearly see the remaining number. all from a small investment towards this machine.
If you have any questions,please feel free contact us via, we will provide professional technology team to service for you.
*-*-* Product Description:
The instrument adopts photonic beauty IPL technology and
uses intense pulsed light to directly iluminate the skin to produce
photobiochemical action. On the one hand, it can rearrange the
regeneration of collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the skin,
restore skin elasticity, improve blood microcircultion,
and remove or reduce wrinkles. On the other hand,
strong pulsed ight can penetrate the skin and be selectively
absorbed by the pigment group and caillary tube in the tsse.
The heat energy can make the blood coagulate and the
pigment group decompose on the premise of not destroying
the normal skin tssue thus alviting the caillay expansion,
removing the color spots, and removing the excess hai, elc.

*-*-* Skin test:
Before using ifrt or ater untanning, please perorm a skin test for
each treatment site. Skin test is a necessary step to check the skin’s
response to the treatment and decide to use the appropriate light
intensity on a certain site.
1. Choose an area close to the treatment course;
2. Tum on the power of the instument, and select the frst gear by default;
3. Put the instrument close to your skin, then press the flash button
to emit a flash;
4. After completing the skin test, please wait for 24 hours to check whether there is any reaction on the skin. If the skin reacts, please select a gear that will not cause skin reaction and use it in the subsequent hair removal treatment.

*-*-* Steps for usage:
1. Before use, use a cotton swab or a dust-free cloth dipped in medical
alcohol to clean the light exit and flter of the instrument (if it is not dirty,do not clean it). Keep the light exit dry before use, otherwise the light will be affected;
2. Plug in the power plug, press and hold the off button for 3 secands,
the number of available times and gears will be displayed when the
machine is tumed on, and the fan rotates icon;
3. The power switch key is also a gear button. Click the "Gear button" to select the appropriate gear. The display shows the energy gear, the
first gear is the smallest, the ffth gear is the largest, and the gear can
be adjusted cyclically;
4. After adjusting the gear position, put the light outlet of the device
completely close to the skin part to be depilated, and press the flash
button to emit light.
5. Press and hold the flash button for 3 seconds to enter or exit the
automatic flash mode, and the characters on the screen flash to indicate that the automatic flash mode is turmed on;The fifth step of
the cycle is to flash once every skin area that needs to be depilated,
move slowly, and repeat the light three times at a time, but not in the
same place three times in a row. You need to take off the entire area
of the depilated area. Repeat 2 times. (Because three consecutive
lighting of the same place will be hotter and easy to burm)
After using the hair removal device, apply aloe vera gel selectively
(or not apply). After using the device, press and hold the "Power Button" for 3 seconds to shut down, and cut off the power in time. After use,there may be small black spots attached to the fliter of the lamp cap, which can be wiped clean with alcohol.

*-*-* Reference table of treatment cycle :
1-4 weeks: 2-3 times a week—more than 75% of the hair
starts to fall off naturally
5-6 weeks: twice a week—new hair falls off and inhibits growth
6-7 weeks: once a week—hair becomes thinner and less,no longer rebound
7-8 weeks or more: use 1 or 2 times a week—according to the hair growth status, selective use (when the hair grows out, it can be used
again until it no longer grows)
The higher the gear, the higher the energy, and the better the efect. Itis
recommended to use 1-2 gears in the early stage. After the skin adapts,you can choose to use 3-5 gears. The interval of treatment depends on your personal hair growth speed. Each part of the body will be dfferent.

*-*-* Packing include:
1 x machine
1 x adapter(US/UK/EU/AU,We will ship it according to the plug you choose)
1 x english manual
1 x scraper
1 x goggels



Pink, Red

Plug Type

US Plug, EU Plug, UK Plug, AU Plug

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Model Number

Hair removal device W-1090

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990000 flashes

Type 1

epilator for women

Type 2

laser epilator

Type 3

depilator for women

Type 4

ipl laser hair removal machine professional

Type 5

diode laser hair removal machine

Type 6

diode laser hair removal machine




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