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#SexTalk: You want him to go down on you but are you sure you are a well-cooked meal? Would you go down on you? What are you doing walking around with a whiff of rot?

Ever wanted to go so bad and the only available bathroom is dirty? But you have to go, so you close your eyes and decide that whatever happens, you will deal with it later.Stop assuming that you are doing a man a favour by giving him some. Both parties want to have a good time. Both want good sex and therefore should make sure that they prepare for it to be awesome.If you are going to enjoy the game, you have to know that you are doing yourself a favor. Just showing up is not good enough. You have to know that the meal you are about to serve has enough soup and is fresh.The aroma when you part those legs should be inviting. Make someone want you from how clean you are. Men want a clean woman but they may never say because once it is up, all they want to do is help calm it down.Most one-night stands are not because men are awful ghosting human beings. The one experience is just bad enough that they don’t want to have more. You probably were smelling like a bloated dead whale.You want him to go down on you but are you sure you are a well-cooked meal? Would you go down on you? What are you doing walking around with a whiff of rot?Be kind to that hungry human being. You are not doing charity work. Sex is a two-way street. You want him to enjoy as much as you will, clean up and show up.Make sure those walls a crystal clean that when he decides to go down low, it is worth every lick. We care too much on the upper side but magic is on the down-low.Every part of you when you are preparing to meet someone should be clean. Those salty nipples under the black bra do not help foreplay.Maybe he is not that bad but you need to shower more. You could be the reason he wants to slide in and bounce right away.You could be the reason you have not had an orgasm in a while. Every woman should know when things don’t smell right. Every woman knows when it is time to clean up.Stop inserting things into that choochkie in search of artificial water. That place knows how to clean itself. If you like him enough, you will be wet enough.Squirting will come true when you are clean enough to help your body let go. Pay attention to that place. That, at the end of the day, is your face. A wet clean choochkie is remembered more than a made-up face.If you are to invite someone’s son in, do whatever you have to to make sure that your honey-pot house is clean enough. A normal woman should have wet natural wipes in her car and handbag.Till next time, remember that men deserve wet, clean choochkie.

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