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Muhoozi Warns Those Fighting His Uncle Kagame Using Uganda, CMI Deports Kayumba’s Spy….

Land Forces commander Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has warned those fighting his uncle, Rwandan President Paul Kagame that they are making a huge mistake.

Muhoozi, who brokered negotiations that led to the re-opening of Gatuna Boarder after three years of closure disclosed that every time he asks those fighting his uncle why they are doing it, they give him silly reasons.

“Fighting my uncle was a huge mistake in the past. I know all those who fought him in the past but everytime I ask them what was the reason they give me very silly reasons,” Lt. Gen. Muhoozi said.

He divulged that his uncle told him that Rwanda’s former Chief of Staff (1998 to 2002) Kayumba Nyamwasa is the one behind the plot to distabilise Rwanda.

“My uncle, Afande Kagame, told me in our first meeting in January, that General Kayumba and his followers were involved in ‘Mountain-topism’. This was the ideology of many Latin American left-wing movements before Fidel Castro captured power in Havana,” he said.

“General Kayumba, I have warned you enough. You are playing with my country and the results will be terrible for you. RNC has absolutely no space in Uganda! General Kayumba, please try to respect the Republic of Uganda. We have made peace with Afande Kagame and Rwanda. Try and respect that. We sent you your man last night,” he warned.

Lt. Gen. Muhoozi disclosed that he would do anything to save the lives of his soldiers and thanked CMI for sending Uganda and Rwanda enemy packing.

“I don’t like doing this, but if it saves the lives of my soldiers, I will do anything. I thank CMI, under Maj.General Birungi for this excellent operation. This enemy of Uganda and Rwanda was picked up and sent back to wherever he came from.”

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