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Kikoni sure: A new dating app helping Makerere, MUBS, UCU campusers to sell their bodies for money

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With the current economic hardships in Uganda, one creative IT expert has developed an online dating app to help some students of Makerere University,MUBS and Uganda Christian University (UCU) earn a living through selling their bodies.Developed by a one Nyesiga Naboth (NABOUG 256), the Kikoni Sure: Muk, Mubs + UCU dating app can be accessed on App Store.“Get A Campusers of Your Choice. Enjoy the Youth at Universities,” the developer describes the app on Google’s App Store.Although the app states that its essence is about dating, its real background purpose is to however help campusers get money through selling their bodies.

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For some good years now, corporate prostitution has been a ‘big thing’ among girls in various universities in and around Kampala.The campus girls usually make their trade through a number of local dating and sex escort websites.The escorts offer services such as massages, massage after services, one night stands, threesomes and oral sex at a fee.They usually charge between Shs350,000 and Shs1,000,000 for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

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