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Get Your Self Financial Freedom by Investing with SMIO, earn more than a Salary Start Today. Get UPTO 10% Of your Money Starting NOW With Us. Click Here For One Click Start to Invest in SMIO. Remember Minimum To start with is 100,000 UGX and this Earns You 30,000 UGX After 90 Days . For More Information Read Below.

Hi There, We are excited to let you know you can Now invest with us. There are a lot of challenges with opening up a business and running it, though we are not saying that you do not open up yours eventually. And so SMIO feels there is that one person that needs an already established system to use his/her money to multiply it and share profit. Everyone Wherever you are in the World, you can INVEST and Make Money SMIO.

Now following the awesome and latest business ideas of Our Boss C.E.O SMIO-SMC LTD Solomon Mpanga to Open up and run SMIO for successful 4 Years and registering success, reaching the top, even through the hardest times of Covid-19 Lock downs, SMIO Top management thought about how it can extend opportunities to the communities, and the options were: Creating SMIO Foundation to help in charity works in Communities, Creating more jobs for the able and willing to work youth Know more about that HERE, helping those who wish to save but their money makes some profit when saved and real serious investment in SMIO Stocks to make serious Profits in Products purchase and selling know about that HERE.

Creating SMIO Foundation to help in charity works in Communities, Creating more jobs for the able and willing to work youth Know more about that HERE, helping those who wish to save but their money makes some profit when saved and real serious investment in SMIO Stocks to make serious Profits in Products purchase and selling know about that HERE.

Plus those who can simply sit on their computers wherever you are or smart phone and simply share your unique referral link to simply help your friends visit SMIO site or Create account or Review SMIO products and services is paid. If you want to know More that and how to Join tap HERE.

Now about saving as your money makes you profit/interest, any Individual who is outside there with some money from as low as 100,000 UGX but having no worth and trusted sectors to put it in to generate him or her some profit to deposit it to SMIO Mobile wallet. It is that simple.

Make money with SMIO Mobile wallet.

Simply get from as low as 100,000 UGX, deposit it on SMIO Mobile wallet, let it be there for at least 3 months (90 Days), and you can withdraw it when it has made you upto 10% of the Money as interest or Profit every month. This means 100,000 UGX can make you upto 30,000 UGX every 90 Days passive income for you No hustle , only your money will be working for you as you wait when you need it and submit a withdraw request a month before you need it. SMIO will process and pay it before the elapse of 30 days. Given this is money you have surrendered to us to use it in making more money through SMIO Robust infrastructure, it therefore not money that is readily available for withdraw, that is why you should submit a withdraw request before you need the money to give SMIO ample time to re-call the money from the running capital back to you.

How Does SMIO generates the Profits to Share with you Who has Fixed your Money for 3 Months?

By fixing your money on SMIO Wallet Account, you agree to Allow SMIO to use your money in all it’s profit generating business arms, make profit and share part (10%) with you, you in simple terms borrow that money to SMIO to use it for a minimum of three months. SMIO-SMC LTD is a fully Registered Company with URSB Reg No. 80020002549563 and Pays Taxes with a Tin: 1016935856. Operate and abide with all the Laws of this Country. So your monies are safe with us if you are interested in our Offers and Opportunities we have put on Board.

Now, what does SMIO do?


SMIO started as an E-commerce store, dealing in connecting buyers to sellers, sellers could trust us with their stock and we warehouse it and sell it off and pay the sellers. We still do this, however we later generated good money and also invested in some high value stock that is always available on high demand, we also ship stock from Abroad when you make an Order on our SMIO Mall App and site www.smio.xyz.

SMIO Webhosting Services and IT Solutions

After that, SMIO expanded and invested in web hosting services, where we host various websites for money on our SMIOHOST site www.smiohost.com , we also empower many businesses to get to a digital error and be available online by developing websites and apps for them.

SMIO Ads Services

After that, SMIO also invested in the BULK SMS infrastructure, empowering other businesses to market using Bulk SMS, and emails. In that line we are advertising agency as well, we also do in-app ads, social media ads, and many more, if you would like to Promote your business do not go any further.

SMIO Dating Services

SMIO also invested in the dating infrastructure to be part of uniting lovers, visit. www.smiodate.com

SMIO Tours and Travels

SMIO has invested the study of the Tourism industry and has seen great potential for good returns and thus has decided to invest in that field as well.

SMIO E-health Services

Given SMIO Boss has a medical back ground having graduated and practiced in the Health sector decided to reward his Profession with first class e-health services access given a study he did through SMIO and found out people in Uganda still suffer and find it hard to access high quality health Services, you can yourself visit any government hospital and see how long the lines there can be and many will even die or fail to access healthcare or get it late than they would be saved. And so he created the SMIO Health Services, Inc. Visit. www.health.smio.xyz to access health services online and delivered to you in the comfort of your Home or office, do not move anymore struggling for health services.

SMIO E-baking School.

This is also an Online School to skill many youths mainly females with baking skills, following a study by SMIO that baking is one of the good returns skills that can empower anyone to become part of the money economy from having no job. This only cost you 30,000 UGX to become a great baker of cakes and Pastries. Tap this link to Register HERE

SMIO Robust Logistics

This is the products pick ups and delivery system that enables SMIO to pick up products from various vendors both local and abroad and delivers them to Various Customers from both within Uganda and World over. Remember SMIO sells Products and Services Worldwide.

HOW TO Open Up SMIO Investment/Savings Account

This is as simple as simply to tap this link www.smio.xyz/my-account or scroll up see where is my account tap it, the page that will open will give you what to fill in, and your account will be opened and active immediately.

How to TopUp Money on you SMIO account.

While you are done with opening up your account, you will find the wallet button, tap it, it will give you options of Topup money, transfer money, withdraw money etc etc. tap Topup, put amount you wish to deposit, follow prompts, you will come to a page where you have to choose means of paying or source, these are only Mobile Money and Visa Cards. if there is any other manual means you want to use, kindly reach out to SMIO team in charge on 039 3194346.

How to withdraw money from your SMIO Wallet Account.

This is free for all savers, but not stock investors. You can always submit a withdraw request of how much money you want to withdraw by taping the withdraw request button in your account, then in the note box type where you want the money to go, say bank, then provide all bank details, if Mobile money, provide mobile Number, if cash, provide where you want it to be delivered. Note, cash delivery is FREE for Only people in 1km from any SMIO Agent or Branch.

Opportunities with SMIO Mall App

While you have a SMIO Account, it is very vital that you have the SMIO Mall App. Tap this Link to Download the App. HERE Only for Android. SMIO Mall App is Only Days away from being Launched for iPhone users too, so Kindly be patient with us.

Opportunities with SMIO Mall app, include but not limited to, a 25,000 UGX worth discount on your first purchase, this is normally a cash back, and a 5,000 UGX discount on your lifetime purchases of products from SMIO Mall. so please do not miss. That aside we normally send you notifications about money making opportunities in the field of crypto and forex, plus those who love soccer and music.

SMIO Reward and Referral Program.

This is for all who have smart phones and would love to earn at least a dollar everyday using their phones. Simply open up a SMIO account and check your referral link in your account, then share it to friends, your account will be rewarded from every friend or person that clicks on that link. The you will be rewarded/paid more if the person creates account, and more if the person goes on and buys a product. For More Information Please visit this LINK

Paying Bills and Utilities Including School Fees and University Tuition

Use your SMIO Wallet to pay for all These Utilities. it is Completely FREE for all Utilities under 100,000 UGX. and we charge Only 5,000 UGX for a Utility between 100,000 UGX to 500,000 UGX and Only 10,000 UGX for a Utility beyond 500,000 UGX. To do this, Simply upload the money on your SMIO Wallet account, and go to withdraw, input the amount, plus give details of what you want that money to be used to pay, plus your Mobile number as a Must, so we can call you to confirm before making the payment. You can as well invest in Crypto with SMIO Wallet. simply use the same method.


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