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Hell Is Coming With Us – Muhoozi Warns Karimojong Criminals Who Killed His Soldiers…

Land forces Commander Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has warned Karimojong criminals who killed his soldiers in cold blood to prepare for hell.

“Karimojong criminals killed my soldiers in cold blood! There will be hell to pay for that,” Muhoozi tweeted.

He advised them that if they want to avoid retribution they should get in touch with their Resident District Commissioners (RDCs) in the region.

“If they want to avoid retribution, they better get in touch with our RDCs and commanders in the region NOW! Otherwise, let us see who the real men are.”

He had however earlier warned the criminals in Karimojong to stop the life of robbery and violence.

“My Karimojong brothers! We have begged you to stop the life of robbery and violence. We have begged you to stop attacking your neighbours but to no avail! You have refused all our appeals. Well now we are coming and hell is coming with us,” he twitted.

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