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Furious High Court Judge Slaps Costs On Pastor Teddy Naluswa For Playing Delaying Tactics In Divorce Case With Bujjingo, Warns Her On Hiding Land Titles …

The head of the High Court Family Division Justice Joseph Murangira slapped costs on controversial World of Salvation Ministries International senior pastor Teddy Naluswa Bujjingo for playing delaying tactics in the divorce case against her former husband pastor Aloysius Bujjingo of House of Prayer Ministries International.

On Tuesday, a furious Justice Murangira dismissed with costs an application filed by Naluswa through her lawyers of Katende Ssempebwa and Company Advocates who were represented by Authur Ssempebwa and Fahim Matovu.

Naluswa was seeking a Court Order staying the proceedings of the entire case in which Bujjingo is seeking to dissolve their marriage legally.

In her application, Naluswa asked Court to stay the proceedings in the High Court as they wait for the outcome of the criminal matter before Entebbe Chief Magistrate Court where Bujjingo and Suzan Nantaba Makula are battling with entering a void marriage.

However, in his ruling, justice Murangira rubbished Naluswa’s prayers saying that it was already determined by the supreme court that a lower court like the magistrates court, which has no record cannot stop proceedings in an upper Court.

He further wondered why Naluswa was joking with court by failing to file in Court satisfactory evidence like the charge sheet showing that Bujjingo was legally charged before the magistrate’s Court.

He added that even in her affidavit, Naluswa didn’t show Court that she is going to suffer if Court does not stay the proceedings apart from telling Court that she is madly in love with Bujjingo who already wants to divorce her.

The judge was also very bitter with Naluswa’s legal team and wondered how a law firm with vast legal experience of over 50 years in legal practices failed to advise Naluswa not to waste Court’s time by filling such an application.

Pastors Teddy Naluswa and Aloysious Bujjingo the last time they were in court


The judge further advised Naluswa’s lawyer to help their client to solve an application for discovery filed by pastor Bujjingo instead of wasting Court’s time.

In his application, Bujjingo wants Naluswa to give him a number of land titles which he claims are still in her custody in their marital home in Kitende Wakiso district.

Through his lawyer Ronald Ruhinda, Bujjingo insists that the said land titles are going to help him to support his divorce case and help Court serve justice when delivering the final judgement.

However, counsel Matovu told the Court that the reason why they haven’t yet filed their response on the said discovery application is because they haven’t talked to their client who is sick and cannot explain to them whether she has them or not.

The judge gave them up to Friday this week to tell Court whether they have the titles or not. He further warned them that if they fail, he will deliver his judgement on Monday next week because court wants to resolve the matter fast.

Justice Murangira told both parties that on 25th of March 2022, the hearing of the entire matter should kick off and warned that he is not going to wait for lazy lawyers who are playing delaying tactics.

Among the issues that justice Murangira has to determine include the sharing of the properties:

Naluswa’s plea that they should share all the properties they accumulated between 1999 up to 2018 since they bought them together.

On the other side, Bujjingo argues that they are supposed to share properties they accumulated between 2003 when they are legally married at Victory Christian Church in Ndeeba Kampala up to 2016 when they stopped sleeping under the same roof.

Another issue is the custody of the youngest son Isaac Miracle Bujjingo who is currently seven years old and still needs parental love from both parents.

Earlier in the proceedings, the judge advised Naluswa not involve children in their disagreement with the husband after she told Court she has 3 witnesses she wants to testify against Bujjingo and one of them is their eldest daughter Doreen Gift Bujjingo.

Justice Murangira used his judicial experience of over 35 years to advise Naluswa that involving children in the matter is going to create a big gap within the family which will not be easy to close.

“Now what if the child abuses the father in the dock, do you think he will forgive her? Think about it,” the softspoken Murangira advised.

Naluswa through her lawyer Ssempebwa told Court that she tried to explain to the daughter but she insisted on pinning her father.

The other issue the judge has to resolve is whether the other children above 18 years are entitled a share of the properties once the marriage is dissolved.

“I don’t know whether you are praying for me but you should be praying for me as I also pray for myself,” Murangira said.

He added that it was not a mistake that he scheduled their matter to be heard during the lent fasting period.

“I know very well that during this period, God will guide me to deliver a fair judgement,” he said.

By Sengooba Alirabaki

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