Return Policy

What are the conditions for returning an item?

Return requirements

  • Proof of purchase (order number, invoice, etc.)
  • The reason for the return must be in accordance with the terms of acceptance of returns (please see terms in the table below)
  • Original packaging – the manufacturer packaging
  • Any free promotional items – gifts or accessories delivered with the purchased item
  • Valid return reason – please refer to the section below for the details

Please contact customer service within 24 hours if you received a damaged / incomplete product during the shipping process. In this case all products are returned in addition to the attached free gifts. If all products are not returned, the return process will be rejected.

We will check the product to be returned. If it is found that there are no damages resulting from misuse, the value of the product will be refunded in the manner suitable for you.
Refund will be made within a maximum period of 5-7 days after the competent team receives the returned product .. If during the inspection process it is found that the product to be returned is free of the reason stated in your request, the value will not be refunded and the product will be returned to you.

Conditions and reasons for returning the products

#Product CategoryNon-ReturnableReturnable if:
  Customer changed their mindWrong
Damaged or
Broken Item
1Beach & Swimwear
2Books & Stationary
4Facial Skincare
5Manicure & Pedicure (Nail Care)
6Supermarket/ Groceries
7Hair Care
8Hair Extensions
11Lotions & Creams
12Makeup Products
13Mens Perfumes
11Office & Business Software
12Office & Business Software
14Spa Products
16Wedding Products
17Women’s Perfume

* Please note: If the item is Sealed & in Good Condition the items listed above are Not Returnable for Change of Mind.

How do I return an item/ What happens once I have returned an item?

For any return request please click here and fill the form.

What happens once I have returned an item?

  • We will perform a careful quality check.
  • If the claim is valid we will refund you according to your requested refund method.
  • The process may take up to 7 days from when your return request was submitted.
  • If the claim is invalid the item will be sent back to you.
  • We keep track of all return requests and use the data to improve our product quality and service, as well as for customer profiling. Customers with unjustified/invalid returns may be denied the right to return items, place pay-on-delivery orders or even shop in SMIO in the future.

How much time do I have to return a product to SMIO?

All items sold on SMIO, under certain conditions, can be returned within a period of 15 days from delivery date for SMIO mall;7 days from delivery date for SMIO Express and SMIO Global
Example: If I received my SMIO Mall product on Monday 5th, I have until next Saturday 19th to contact Customer Service.

NOTE: You have 15 days to notify us of your SMIO Mall return by calling Customer Service, from the day you received your purchase; 7 days for SMIO Express
For defective items, note that you have 15 days to return your product. After this period, we do not accept returns. We advise you to contact the manufacturer if the product has a warranty. Click Here to know more about warranties.

How do I send my product to SMIO?

We will make 3 attempts within 3 working days to pick-up the returning item after you submit the return request.

Note that for dropping an item off at any pickup station, we will make 3 attempts in 3 days. You will be contacted to ensure you drop off within the 3 days.

However, after 3 pick-up attempts, we will cancel the return procedure and you will not be able to return your product to us anymore.

Please ensure that the package of the returning item is in good condition for the return; any package found to be damaged will be rejected by the rider during collection or sent back after quality check is done.

How do I track my return status?

We will keep you updated by email and SMS about the status of your return. For any inquiries click on the following link and fill the form.

Is my product under warranty?

We advise you to check our warranty page here to get more information about our warranty policy.

For any inquiries click on the following link and fill the form.

If my returned product is not validated for refund, how do I get informed?

If your return is invalid then we will call you to explain the issue and send the item(s) back to you. We will arrange the delivery of the item.
“Note that we will make two (2) attempts to return the product to you at no cost. However after two (2) failed attempts, we will cancel the return process and store the product at our warehouse for up to seven (7) days awaiting your collection. If you do not collect the product within these seven (7) days it will be deemed as forfeited and we will dispose of in accordance with the Ugandan law”

I received something I didn’t order. What now?

On delivery, kindly ensure to verify that the item delivered is in good condition and reject if it does not match your order. In the case you accept it from the delivery agent, you can still return it within 15 days (with seal not broken).

Do I have to return all products in my order?

No, you do not have to return your entire order. You can return certain product(s).

Can I return my items after the timeline to return has expired?

Sorry, returns are not possible after the 7 days return period for SMIO products and 15 days for SMIO mall products. For any inquiries click on the following link and fill the form. If you experience issues after our return/exchange period has elapsed, you can claim your warranty (if any) from the authorized service center of the brand.

What should I do if I want to exchange a product and it is either sold out or not available?

You will have to return your product, within the 15 days after the delivery, and place a new order when it becomes available again. For any inquiries click on the following link and fill the form.

Do I have to return the free gift when I return a product?

Yes, any free gift must be also be returned.

Do I have to pay for shipping charges when I return a product?

There are no charges for shipping a product back to SMIO.

What is the “Shipped from Overseas” return policy?

Defective ItemItem is damaged upon delivery or not according to manufacturer’s specification
Wrong ItemIf you received an item different from what you ordered.
Change of MindPlease ensure the seal is not broken nor tampered with especially Electronic items.

What if I have a missing item in my package?

We will only be liable if the missing item is reported on the spot. Please ensure to countercheck during pickup/delivery to confirm if all the mentioned items (What’s in the box) have been delivered.